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If You Don’t Know What You Want Then Go For The Opposite Of What You Don’t Want

I am SEO professional working in IT industry since last 7+ years.

SEO Consultant Specialist from Ahmedabad. I have worked with the Leading IT Companies Like Hiddenbrains, Commercepundit and Currently working with Space-O as digital Marketing Expert. I have a 6.5 years of experience as a Search Engine Optimization professional, Social Media Expert.

I have Expertise in areas such as Search Engine Optimization, Lead Generation, Web Promotion, Search Engine Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Blog Promotion and content Marketing, PPC, Improving Conversion Rates, Improving Traffic, Landing Page Optimization, Web Analytics. I am offering solutions in Total Internet Marketing Service and Web Promotion.

Other goals are to help companies and Teach Them, What Can Be Done And Develop Myself Everyday To Become Better and Better as Search Marketing Specialist. Web Marketing, Search Marketing, Online Marketing, SEO, Usability, Copy Writing, Social Networking, Blogging, Affiliate networking, Brand Promotion, Twitter, Facebook optimization.

My Goal is My Destination.

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  1. Hi, i want to optimize my site as mentioned above. I am getting visitors but not CTR and conversions. Please guide me on how to optimize and also mention your charges.

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About SEO professional
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