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How to Add Your Google+ Page in Website and Blogs

Google+ Platform has provided an option to Link your Google+ page to your site. I’ve just added the Google+ Badge to my Blogs. The badge now has variable width for improved customization, so it fits quite well with my updated template. If you run a Google+ page and have a website linking to that page, this is the best way to make it easy to be added to circles, and highlight your presence here.

Now Optimize Your Google+ Business Page for SEO and also help it by linking straight away with your website. It’s better to start linking your brand page rather waiting for tomorrow. Click here . Follow the given steps below.

1)    Enter Your Google+ Brand Page ID which is Numeric Page ID
2)    Choose Style of the Badge
3)    Choose Your Language – By Default (English)
4)    Click on Advance Option to Set Width, Color Theme, the Asynchronous and Suggest to use HTML5 Valid Syntex

Google Plus Brand Page Integration with Website and Blog
Copy the Code right below this screen in your browser in your websites and Blogs to integrate.

As Google+ is heavily increasing its presence, it’s an essential for each and every brand to get noticed in each form of Digital Marketing. At the time when Google has revealed, its new algorithm changes “Search, plus Your World”. It’s essential for each and every brand to create and integrate their Google plus page in websites and Blogs. It will certainly help you to increase your followers of your brand pages.

Stand out from the Crowd… Don’t Just Get Found… Get Noticed ~~~

Guest Blog Posted By Chaitanya Patel and Internet Marketing Consultant. Follow me on Twitter @Patelchaitanya and Join me at my professional network on LinkedIn.